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Peter Briden's 402 cubic inch twin turbo Cobra replica
SEM customer Peter Briden's 402 cubic inch twin turbo Cobra replica

  • Rigorous, factory-compliant remanufacturing for car makers
  • Disciplined, cost-effective individual unit rebuilding for the trade
  • Highly specialized, leading-edge race engine development for corporate and private customers
  • A specialized diagnosis and fault analysis service quickly identifies costly warranty issues for manufacturers and provides effective engineering solutions.
  • A cylinder head service for the trade that includes a large inventory of cylinder heads to get customers' cars back on the road ASAP.
  • Flowbench testing
  • Engine dynamometer testing
  • Single-point valve seat cutting technology
  • Balancing technology for rotating parts
  • Diamond or CBN tipped machines for surfacing heads, blocks and flywheels
  • CNC milling and boring machines for specialized block work
  • CNC Diamond honing machines
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