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History of SEM

From a modest shop that first opened the doors in 1978, SEM has grown in size, scope of services and range of clients to become one of Canada’s top engine and transmission engineering, rebuilding and consulting companies.

Like the auto industry we serve, our business has undergone a rapid change in the last 20 years. While we still provide the basic services from that era, most have been refined and improved to meet the new, more precise specifications of today’s cars. Many are highly automated to ensure highly precise, repeatable results. Others still require the deft touch of an experienced operator. A range of new, state-of-the-art services has been added, and more are on the way.

At one time engines were essentially a consumable, like tires. You knew your engine wasn't going to last the life of the vehicle and would need to be rebuilt or replaced. Today, most owners will never have their engines taken apart. They don't simply wear out, but as resilient as modern engines may be, they face a whole new range of debilitating problems that technicians could not have fathomed even a few years ago. That’s why part of our business is now helping car companies solve problems before they damage cars and the corporate reputation.

With the move to new, larger premises, SEM today houses the lessons of the past and the technology of the future in a company built on 29 years of customer service.

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